It will present innovative music trends and new cultural ideas by presenting artists from all over the world.


    The festival will be held at the Municipal Theater Kipou, from 21 to 23 June, with the appearance of bands of the domestic and international scene of jazz and ethnic music. At the end of each concert, the musicians will continue with jam sessions. Artists from the Netherlands, Germany, the Balkans, Italy, Greece and New

  • European Music Day

    The Day for music was celebrated on 21 June 1982 in Paris, at the initiative of the Minister of Culture, Jacques Kang, whose purpose was to “bring out all the musicians out on the road”. Since 1985, starting with Greece, more and more European cities are participating in this festival, reaching twenty-two today. KOTH and


    A celebration for the bicycle, the environment, the human body, Saturday 10 June in Thessaloniki. The International Naked Bicycle is an international movement and more than 70 cities around the world participate in it. In Greece, we celebrate 10 years this year, with an all-day festival, with concerts, events and parallel events. So far, the

  • Lazaristes Monastery Festival 2017 “Look Forward…”

    Looking ahead, the Lazaristes Monastery Festival 2017 has already prepared most of its program. A program that fills in the sounds and colors of the magnificent building complex of the Lazariston Monastery, inspired by Iranian Babak Safari for this year’s poster of the Festival, with works he has signed all over the world. Monophonics, on

  • Children’s Festival “Parathinoupoli” 2017

    Parathinoupolis Children’s Festival, organized by the Municipality of Kalamaria for pre-school and school age children up to 12 years old, opens on Wednesday 24th May and will last until Sunday 28th of May at Aretsou beach. The theme of this year’s “Traveling through the Arts” event. In the morning from Wednesday, May 24th to Friday

  • 5th Festival Multilingualism, Thessaloniki 2017

    CELEBRATION OF MULTILINGUALISM The Feast of Multilingualism organized by the Directorate of Education and Sport of Municipality of Thessaloniki by the Department of Programs and Lifelong Learning, the Municipal Company Information, Spectacle and Communication (D.E.P.TH.E.), with support from organizations and Educational Institutions in Greece and abroad. This year’s event will take place on 26-27-28 May, New Town Hall Thessaloniki.

  • The Blind Pilots Project #2

    The Blind Pilots Project #2 consists of a massive photo exhibition from world wide awarded photographers after a personal invitation, (reaching 30 different countries).

  • 51st Dimitria Festival

    ‘Dimitria’, the largest arts festival in Thessaloniki, celebrated its 50th year of consecutive presence in the city last year. The festival remains a major driving force for the promotion and growth of artistic creativity and culture in general. The institution, which began in 1966 and has been held every year since then, includes dramatic, musical

  • Reworks Festival

    Bringing together contemporary culture and forward thinking music in an urban environment, Reworks is considered a touchstone for the music and creative arts in Greece and a showcase for new trends and emerging talent. It is a national meeting point for the musical youth of the country listed among the best festivals in the world

  • Urban Picnic Festival

    PIC-NIC Urban Festival was organized for the first time in 2012 in the archaeological site of the Roman Forum of Thessaloniki and since then it is organized every summer, during the last weekend of August, being not only the largest urban pic-nic in Thessaloniki but also a substantial proposal towards the inclusion of a unique

  • 19th International Youth Band Festival

    The many months of preparation, the involvement of such a large number of citizens from every walk of life and in any capacity, the participation of so many important music groups from Greece and abroad, and the presence of numerous musicians have, through the years, turned this International Festival into a highly significant occasion. The

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