• Urban Picnic Festival

    PIC-NIC Urban Festival was organized for the first time in 2012 in the archaeological site of the Roman Forum of Thessaloniki and since then it is organized every summer, during the last weekend of August, being not only the largest urban pic-nic in Thessaloniki but also a substantial proposal towards the inclusion of a unique

  • 19th International Youth Band Festival

    The many months of preparation, the involvement of such a large number of citizens from every walk of life and in any capacity, the participation of so many important music groups from Greece and abroad, and the presence of numerous musicians have, through the years, turned this International Festival into a highly significant occasion. The

  • 3rd Taratsa International Film Festival

    The Taratsa International Film Festival transforms seven terraces in the historic centre of Thessaloniki into open air cinemas offering to spectators a unique film experience for the third consecutive year from August 24, 2016 to August 28, 2016.

  • Γιορτές Ανοιχτού Θεάτρου

    Το θέατρο Κήπου φιλοξενεί και φέτος τις Γιορτές Ανοιχτού Θεάτρου, έναν θεσμό 34 χρόνων παρουσίας στην καλοκαιρινή πολιτιστική ζωή της πόλης. Μες την καρδιά του καλοκαιριού, το φεστιβάλ καλείται να τιμήσει για ακόμη μια χρονιά τον τίτλο του: να υποδεχτεί και να προσφέρει μια σειρά από χαρούμενες γιορτές θεάτρου, να προτείνει σύγχρονες και δροσερές κωμωδίες,

  • 5th Thessaloniki Pride Festival 2016

    Every year the White Tower is lit by a rainbow projection indicating the kick-off of the LGBT Pride Parade that shimmies along the waterfront. Other events include a forum, street party and concert. More and more travel agencies are offering special packages to people interested in traveling to Thessaloniki on the occasion of the festival.

  • Animasyros International Animation Festival + Agora

    The International Animation Festival + Agora, the largest festival and market of its kind in Greece and one of the 20 most important globally, comes to Thessaloniki for the first time on 21st June.

  • Mediamixx 2016 – Digital Media Conference SEE

    Mediamixx Festival is a 22-year strong networking forum for the media and cable industry in South-East Europe and this year it has found a new home in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki, Greece during June 3-4, 2016. Port – Doc 1, Warehouse C

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